Tuition Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition – Frequently Asked Questions

May I pay 100% of my tuition spread through the school year?

We require that 50% of the tuition be paid by May 1. Only the second half of the tuition is eligible for monthly payments through the FACTS program.

May I pay my tuition with a credit card?
Credit Card payments are only accepted through the FACTS program. If you elect this option, you will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee by FACTS.

Can I make monthly payments directly to the School/Parish throughout the school year instead of using FACTS?
No, after school starts, the only payment plan offered is through the FACTS program.

When do I enroll in FACTS?

You may enroll in FACTS after your child is accepted for admission by going to Divine Child’s website and thenclicking on the FACTS logo.
I was enrolled in FACTS previously; must I re-enroll for next year?

If your tuition statement for 2013-2014 reflects a balance due a new contract will automatically be initiated for you with the same number of payments, payment date and banking information. If you want to change your payment date, month the contract starts or banking information, log into your FACTS account or call the rectory.

I have enrolled in FACTS, now what?

Once enrolled in FACTS your tuition balance information will be updated approximately 2 weeks prior to your first scheduled payment. You will receive an e-mail notification from FACTS when this has taken place.

May I pay off my FACTS contract early?
Yes, you may pay off your FACTS contract early. Payment to the rectory must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the next scheduled payment to avoid the automatic withdrawal of the next payment.

I have applied for the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Grant, when will I find out if I have received it?
The Archdiocese will directly notify you in July by letter whether or not you have qualified for the grant. The Schools are notified after the letters have been mailed to the parents.

What happens to my account when I have paid my tuition in full or have enrolled in FACTS and now have been awarded the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Grant?
If you receive tuition assistance and have an overpaid account, you will be issued a refund check. If you are on the FACTS program, your remaining payments will be equally reduced for the grant amount.

I am a member of Divine Child Parish but I was billed for out of Parish tuition?

Parish membership records are reviewed to verify that the listed requirements, with an emphasis on weekly Mass attendance, have been met. If the above requirements have not been met, an out-of-Parish status is applied.

What happens if I do not have half of tuition paid by May 1?
If half the tuition is not paid by May 1, your account is considered delinquent. Your student’s place in the school is not held unless tuition payments are current. Also, Edline access is dropped. Tuition records and Edline access are updated weekly.

What Financial Aid is available?
The only financial aid available is for Catholic families through Archdiocesan Diocesan Programs. Please refer to the Archdiocese of Detroit website at  – click on “Schools” and then “Tuition Assistance”.

Does Divine Child have other need-based financial aid?
Parish financial aid money is not available since funds are directly budgeted to keep tuition costs as low as possible for all families. Divine Child strives to provide an affordable Catholic Education to all enrolled students.

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