Goodness with Knowledge: 9/2/14

In a recent Catholic News Agency article, Pope Francis said, ““The heart is attached to the treasure, to a treasure that all of us have: power, money, pride, so many…or goodness, beauty, the will to do good…There can be so many treasures,” he observed, asking again “Where is your treasure?” At Divine Child High School our school motto, “Virtus Cum Scientia” (translated as Goodness with Knowledge), echoes the Pontiff’s sentiment. We believe that knowledge, or any treasure you possess, is insufficient without goodness.

The Divine Child educational community works diligently to provide our students with opportunities to be good, and as a Catholic school, we know that goodness comes through a relationship with God; through sacramental opportunities, through prayer opportunities, through religious education, through a liberal arts education, through service opportunities, and through relationships with fellow students, teachers, and community members. Goodness matters and it must be our top priority. At Divine Child, our goal is to teach students that our success in the classroom, on the stage, in competition, or in any endeavor in which we engage, is done for the purpose of living out our faith. If we do so with goodness in mind, we are likely to achieve that goal.